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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
Gender :   male
Age :   73
State :   Utah
Country :   United States
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sub-category : Trout Fishing
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'Tis required of a true micro-troutster fisherman that he or she be endowed with much stealth and skill.  To sit sloshing in a hard seated boat or casting a fly upon the froth is not my forte even for the rewards of a 28 inch brown, rainbow, or brook.  For me, sneaking through and among remote, brush lined creeks, potholes and unnamed lakes far off trail yield the ultimate prey through ambush and trickery.  Dabbling a worm, mounted on a barbless hook to look like a natural leech, is the delight of my passion.  I prowl the High Uinta Mountains of Utah, packing straight across country at altitudes often over 10,000 feet, using a GPS to find lakes seldom visited by man.  Keeping my aging feet from touching a trail adds all the more flavor to the primitiveness of the expedition.  I've been using the electronic devices in Oregon and Utah for more than 15 years with great success.  More than 1,000 trout have gasped for water in the last four summers alone due to Ghillie Boy's hook.  A SPOT satellite tracker keeps the home family abreast of my whereabouts too.  Eastern Brook's are my favorite.  I catch and release 90 percent of the bounty and commonly keep a snack sack full of my limit to share with family upon my return.  They are small but gorgeous.  When the colors of fall are painted across the landscape of the alpine slopes, many of those same slashes of color are found on the fish I so love to land.  I have always called them my personal "crown jewels of the high country." A true micro-trout is any fish shorter than my worm but each season spits out scores in the 12 to 16 inch range so there is plenty of splish splash action to satisfy the fishing lust of a solitary Ghillie Boy skulking along with rod in hand and camouflage to mask my intent. 
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