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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
Gender :   male
Age :   73
State :   Utah
Country :   United States
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You wins ‘n you loses.
sub-category : Trout Fishing
img 09-23-2010

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High Uinta's in Utah have over 800 lakes.  Many no names, no trails.  Very hard to locate.  Set out two days mid-September to find three by GPS.  Real grind pushing 11,000 feet then dropping down into remote canyons.  First lake a bust.  Beautiful but shallow and no fish.  Restful place.  Next, dropped down through boulders to find another.  Fishing extraordinary.  One after another.  Messed around primitive camp.  Cooked, took pictures, relaxed, froze at night even in tent.  Unprepared for cold.  Goofed up.  Extra cover by inflatable raft helped.  Sun and warmth next day with riot of fall colors.  Moved on to third lake.  Omigosh!  It was aquarium.  Seldom fished, I'm sure.  Going back again.  Amazing.  Fish up to 14 inches.  Kept limit of 8 smaller ones for frying at home.  Tossed over 20 back.  Yodeling success.  Ground back out by dark.  Found Mountain Miata's hydraulics gone.  Hitchhiked out of mountains.  Spent next day towing it down to civilization.  Ghosts of the fish got even with me.  Oh well.  You wins 'n you loses.  Good times. 
img 09-24-2010
Love that second pic! Very nice
img 09-23-2010
Super pretty trip...I'm glad the raft saved your life. I would have loved to hitchhiked with you.