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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
Gender :   male
Age :   73
State :   Utah
Country :   United States
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Shiverness recollections!
sub-category : River & Stream Fishing
img 08-18-2010

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It is now pushing 100 degrees in Utah.  The fish are down deep.  It is time to cooly remember my last trip in 2009.  It was November.  I wanted one last outing.  My taste buds were vibrating for a fried mountain potato chip (pan sizzled brook trout).  I called to find out if the road into the High Uinta's was still open.  The rangers said, "Yes."  Ah, ha!  I heard one of those colorful crown jewels of the high country calling my name so I headed up.  There was not another soul in the woods.  Why?  Turns out when I cast my bait onto the first lake it had the audacity to simply bounce.  All the lakes were frozen over with at least two feet of ice sealing the surface.  (I now know what to ask the rangers.)  My only choice was to drop down a couple of thousand feet to the Provo River (...read:  dribble).  Normally roaring falls were reduced to clinging icicles and the only open water spanned barely a couple feet in each hole.  What the heck!  I baited up with shaking hands, dropped a shivering hook and let it drift under the ice...and ***kersplam***  FISH ON!  Who'd a thunk it in a frozen stream in November?
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