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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
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Age :   73
State :   Utah
Country :   United States
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img 08-18-2010

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The first shot is a close-up view of a typical burbling pothole I found way off the beaten track.  In the High Uinta's of Utah, the Department of Fish and Wildlife encourage keeping a limit of brook trout.  I have hit these potholes year after year and they still produce like day one though I keep a limit of 8 each time.  I've released scores and scores from my barbless hooks.  This is almost more like "hunting" than fishing.  It gives the thrill of each...but you gotta get really sneaky, down on your knees, and move in slow as a snail.  Wearing camouflage or a ghillie suit gives me the best results...after all, if those fish can see a teensie fly land on the surface, they can surely SEE YOU!  Dabble, dabble, gotcha!
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