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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
Gender :   male
Age :   73
State :   Utah
Country :   United States
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Prospecting for pure gold.
sub-category : Lake Fishing
img 09-23-2010

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Playing hide and seek is rough going sometimes. Finding a lake up in Utah's High Uinta's that is virtually ignored by most fishermen is hard to do but the rewards are magnificent. A week back, this puddle in the cliffs produced a brookie on almost every cast. Check it out. Is it any wonder my pet name for these incredible fish is "Crown Jewels of the High Country." Does that not look like rubies and sapphires woven into a tapestry and set deeply amidst bronze, silver, and the purest gold? Ha. I chuckle at the elite who think they are so cool in their designer clothing. Are ANY of them arrayed with such finery as this?
img 09-23-2010
Love the brookies...