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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
Gender :   male
Age :   73
State :   Utah
Country :   United States
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Secret falls!
sub-category : River & Stream Fishing
img 10-04-2010

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Feeling stressed. Nothing like fishing for relief. Drove over 60 miles to good spot. Found other people messing it up. Went to backup place. Ruined. Tried another old favorite. Ditto. Totally depressed so headed home. Saw little stream along road. Drove up gravel logging track for miles trying to find remote area. Finally found the tiny creek going under wooden bridge. Tried the water. Found it full of scrappy native cutthroats. Woo hoo! Things looking up. Water totally walled by heavy brush, blackberry thorns and timber. Had to get into middle and wade downstream bent over. Went about 100 yards and began hearing roar of waterfall. Kept going. Pazow. Discovered incredible drop of 80 feet or so into clear, deep, undercut pool. Found remote Oregon Cascade’s waterfalls before but most known and developed. This was undisturbed and worthy of being a State Park. Incredible. Took me forever to find a way down. No trails. Every cast into pool produced great fish. Have since taken family into the place numerous times including children Prisca, Jaren and Dacia. We have ALL scored big time. Beautiful, knock your eyes out place. Nature at its awesome best. We keep it a secret.
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