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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
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4 Suckers!
sub-category : River & Stream Fishing
img 10-02-2010

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Suckers running in Mill Creek. That creek was liquid knife cutting hometown of Salem, Oregon in two. Lived 5 houses away most of youth. Every spring, red horse suckers came up creek to spawn. I’d caught hundreds during runs. Dinner was over. Grabbed pole. Headed off fishin’. Sister’s boyfriend arrived. Asked me, “Where you going fishing?” I said, “Mill Creek.” “No fish in there,” he sez. I knew better. “There are lots,” I confidently responded. “No,” he insisted. Saw my chance. Boyfriend way too cocky. “I bet I can leave here and be back with a fish in 15 minutes.” He was just too assured, “Okay, 50 cents says you can’t.” I walked through door exactly 15 minutes later with him laughing at me. “Pay up,” he demands. “No, YOU pay up! Fish are on the porch.” “Wha…..?” he responds as he is going out door. 3 red horse suckers lined up about 15 to 18 inches. He never said another word and paid me the 50 cents. Got 4 suckers that day! Heh, heh, heh.
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