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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
Gender :   male
Age :   73
State :   Utah
Country :   United States
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Lake Camille...
sub-category : Lake Fishing
img 10-06-2010

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Every husband should name a lake after his wife. Headed out to find blue spot on Oregon Cascade’s TOPO map using GPS. No joke here. It was the roughest, nastiest, rottenest, most arduous, miserable, meanest hike of my entire life…and only about ½ mile. Entire trek through old growth rhododendrons. Some 15 feet or taller, limbs up to 6 inches through. ALL intertwined like mythical Gorgon Knot. Brutal, knuckle bustin’, foot hookin’, clothes snaggin’ jumble. Awful, but made it. Strange place. Water was color of blue milk and dammed by beaver. Flooded forest dead. Fished for short time. Caught 4…all full of brilliant green worms, almost flourescent. Fought back out…torture. Then discovered meadow with tiny beaver dams I doubt much ever fished. No limit there. Grabbed a bunch of my mountain potato chips…eastern brooks…then high-tailed it home after dark. What a neat day! What a neat wife to let me do it. HER lake is tucked away up there in the boonies, forever to be remembered.
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